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Commercial and residential real estate property management companies

There are more and more commercial and residential real estate property management companies on the market. Therefore, distinguishing from the competition is becoming more difficult.


Implementationof the aesthetic Safel lift cover curtains will effectively protectthe interior of the cabin from damage or pollution. At the same time,a modern approach to the issue will be presented to the customer,which characterizes dynamically and effectively developing companies.The Safel Cover will be useful especially at the stage of investmentfinishing, renovation, revitalization or rearrangement.

Homeowner associations and housing companies

There is no doubt that the mutual sense of responsibility for common property is gradually increasing. Unfortunately, we can find a person in each group, who – by his/her own distraction or purposeful action - will damage the equipment of the property.


The risk ofsuch an event increases during renovations or removals, when thenumber of service providers who appear on real estate increases. It ismuch easier and cheaper to prevent the risk through the appopriateprotection of your property, e.g. using the SafelCover, thanto remove very expensive defects, which often means that the lift hasto be temporarily decommissioned.

Renovation and removal companies

Principals have always been extremely demanding. However nowadays, apart from performing a service at the highest level, they also expect a professional treatment in terms of installing and maintaining cleanliness and neatness.


The Safel Coverwill simplify the transport of large-size elements and will allow youto transport all the necessary material with ease. Thesolution offered by Safel will save time spent on proper securing ofproperty and will enable avoiding possible conflicts while executingrestrictive provisions of the contract by the client.

Lift users

The sense of responsibility for the quality of common properties maintaining increases year by year and determines the necessity of searching for new protection methods.


Temporarysolutions, such as cardboard or foil, may occur to be insufficient.Frequent removals, rearrangements as well as increased standards ofthe property transfer onto the increased lift exploition, in whichresidents’ and users’ movement is accumulated. Thanks to theSafel cover you can perform necessary work without worrying aboutdamages and expensive repairs.

Public institutions

Museums, cinemas, schools or hospitals - each of the objects must be renovated or rebuilt from time to time in order to remain an attractive place for visitors.


TheSafel Cover allows to perform the necessary work while minimizing thenuisances for customers using your services.
Because of thehighest standard of component selection and thequality of the product,Safel Cover can be successfully used in facilities requiringrestrictive hygiene and cleanliness criteria.

Developers, investors

Commonly applied solutions for securing elevators, e.g. MDF or OSB boards, are unaesthetic solutions at the stage of investment, renovation and rearrangement finalizing and moreover, are inconsistent with fire regulations.


The SafelCover allows to perform necessary work without damage to the lift andits amenities, and will not discourage customers from usingit. Because of the possibility of placing thelogo on the curtain, your company will be perceived as caring forsecurity and following the latest trends available on the market.

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