• universality
  • easy installing
  • lightness
  • reusability
  • waterproofness
  • non-flammability
  • resistance to dirt
  • resistance to abrasion
  • indefinite number of sets compilation
  • easy to storage


  • protecting the lift from damage
  • money saving
  • time saving
  • reaching a high standard
  • acting in accordance with restrictive legal regulations
  • the opportunity to differentiate
  • following the latest technology development


  • Ceiling protection
  • Wall protection
  • Control panel protection
  • Floor protection
  • Door and portal protection


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Safel COVER:

  • effective protection of the lift cabin from mechanical damage
  • avoiding commonly used, unaesthetic OSB or MDF board covers
  • adjust to restrictive legal standards determining the possible protection of lifts
  • raising the standard of real estate properties
  • searching for latest, innovative solutions
  • differentiation on the market
  • fast installing, the product can be mounted by two people within 15 minutes
  • comprehensiveness, each element of the lift interior is protected
  • meet PN-EN 81-1/2 and PN-EN 13501-1 standards
  • light weight, the entire Safel Cover weighs approx. 16 kg


Safel Cover's elements

The curtain

  • waterproofness
  • resistance to dirt
  • polyurethane foam filling
  • light weight - one element weighs approx. 3 kg

The ceiling protection

  • made of acrylic glass (plexiglass) or polycarbonate
  • installation using neodymium magnets
  • panel system adjusted to the lighting system of the lift

The mounting method

  • steel rail
  • struts working similarly to turnbuckes
  • lack of interference in lift’s construction
  • protection with silicone covers

The door protection

  • over 100 mic thickness PCV foil
  • installing by sticking
  • transparent, does not change the color of the door

Floor protection

  • Ceiling protection
  • Wall protection
  • Control panel protection
  • Floor protection
  • Door and portal protection


  Safel Cover OSB or MDF board protection
Weight approx. 16 kg approx. 150 kg
Durability/strong> Reusable Single use
Time of mounting approx. 15 minutes, without tools several hours, tools required
Destination can be used several times in various types of lifts The product is destined to be used in one particular cabin.
Aesthetics aesthetics preserved throughout the whole period of exploitation board crushing, soaking with moisture
Maintenance Possibility of cleaning the covers with detergents None
Consistence with the law Certified compliance with fire standards and excessive loading of the lift. The OSB board is a combustible, in case of inspection the cover has to be dismantled under sanction of lift decommissioning.

Other assortment:

Covers for other elements of the common parts of the property:

  • wall covers in passageways,
  • floor covering,
  • handrail protection,
  • stair covers (rubber or textile).

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