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The Safel Cover effectively protects the interior of lift cabins. The product is made based on the advanced technologies:

  • Safel Covers are made from material that meets the restrictive fire standards, has a limited liquid absorption capacity and is resistant to abrasion. Due to that fact the Safel Cover can be used effectively for many years.
  • The filling of the Safel Cover effectively protects the lifts’ interiors from damage. The product provides a high  level of protection, without limiting the space inside.
  • A unique way of adapting and installing the curtain guarantees fully tailors to the user's needs. The cover consists of precisely designed modules, which allow to adjust  the cover to each lift’s interior.

Safel Cover can be installed by one person in less than 15 minutes, which makes it a universal solution recommended for short repairs, removals or other circumstances which could cause damage to the lift's interior or its equipment.

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3 main features of Safel Cover


The Safel Cover will enable you to save:

  • money, as it property protects the lift from mechanical damages, which repair can cost a lot,
  • time, as installing lasts several minutes, which is 4 times shorter than it takes using traditional methods,
  • space, as the inside does not get smaller
  • electric energy, as it is 10 times lighter than standard panel covers, which unnecessarily overload lifts.


The Safel Cover was designed so that it could be adapted to any type of lifts. Because the installation is fast, it is also easier to use or move the cover when needed. The rods, which work similarly to a turnbuckle, allow to install the Safel Cover without the necessity of intervention in the lift sheathing. In addition, the proposed solution is aesthetic and because of the possibility of choosing from dozen of colors, it will suit any interior.


The Safel Cover protects each element of the lift cage: walls, ceiling, floor, doors, mirrors, displays, control panels and other elements. The designed mounting system allows to adjust the set of covers to each lift and customer's expectations. We provide full support in all stages of the lift protection process, starting with inspection and dimensioning the lift, through consulting, in terms of the right selection of covers, ending up with the delivery and installation of the complete set in the lift.

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